Media, Host and Talent Training

Through her company, mOdat Productions, Amy is known in the Recording, Publicity and TV industry for our her camera training services. Not like the old school media trainers from the corporate world, mODat focuses on the world of entertainment television. Amy has media trained and on camera coached Show Hosts, Rock Stars, Supermodels, and Celebrities.

Our client roster includes names like:

Norah Jones
Art Garfunkel
Los Lonely Boys
Alessandra Ambrosia
Kristina Train
Rose Falcon
Jared Cotter
Rosanne Cash
Joss Stone
Elizabeth Withers
JJ French
My Favorite Highway
Amos Lee
Jade Anderson
Holly Hannula
Allison Hagendorf
and more…

Stepping in front of the camera for the first time can be a daunting experience. Amy has been on both sides of the camera, as interviewer, host, and producer, and can tell you that even the biggest stars aren’t always the most comfortable. Common reactions can range from dry mouth and cold sweats to sudden memory loss or ceaseless babbling.

Amy has spent years conducting interviews for outlets like VH1, Fuse, Fox News, CNN, and many syndicated talk shows. She know what the media is after. She knows how to avoid wasting their time and yours.

It’s not about changing your client’s personality; it’s about bringing out the best of it in the least amount of time. Amy gives practical experience in the art of giving a good interview, by coaching them through an on camera experience, followed by playback, and repetition.

She can also coach your client in hosting skills, how to directly engage a tv audience and how to use teleprompter.

She provides on-call help and personal service on location if needed.